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  • 4 star review  They do a good job, but the wait can be a bit much especially since there is no way to leave once your in there, and the turns to get to the washout are a little bit tight but easily doable.

    thumb A Google User
  • 4 star review  True they are fast to do a trailer washout,but if your driving a semi and you drive in on the left side of the building it's extremely tight.

    thumb Robert Deisinger
  • 5 star review  Friendly, did a great job in a timely manner.

    thumb William Evans
  • 4 star review  Was not feeling it when I pulled in. Looks run down, but was busy. They Deffently send in the washouts first but to my surprise it was worth the wait. I got just my bobtail done with the full package and it was a great wash. Took 3 hrs to get in and get it done but it’s super busy. Worth it if your in Allentown and need a truck wash.

    thumb Mackenzie Harp
  • 5 star review  Only game in town. Lol. If I empty locally I try and get a washout here before heading to new jersey. Washout line is on the west side of the building. Pay attention to your spacing. No complaints.

    thumb erick painter